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We have used this program with our ninth grade students for two years, and I have been very impressed by the quality and relevance of the lessons and resource materials.

At Farrington we have many students who come from poor families and for whom English is not their first language. We struggle every year to find ways to give these youngsters hope and a belief in their own abilities to accomplish their dreams. When students apply your curriculum to their lives they find they have power over the blocks and barriers that challenge them. We find children exposed to the curriculum are more accepting of individual differences and that there are few incidents of classroom disruptions. As a result our environment is both physically and emotionally safer for students.

Another benefit of the curriculum is the opportunity it offers teachers to reflect upon the curriculum as it might relate to their own understanding and growth. While the materials are designed with the adolescent in mind, the truths inherent in the principles speak to us all.

It is without any qualifications that I offer my full endorsement to this meaningful curriculum.

Catherine PaynePrincipal

I am most impressed with the fact that your program focuses on making the school environment less conducive to those who do the bullying, rather than just focusing on how to deal with those who bully. Your program focuses on empowering all students and adults to be a part of creating a positive and safe school environment. Without exception, the response from our students and faculty has been positive.

Your curriculum and instructional program is interactive and relevant to the concerns of students. Trinidad Hunt’s presentations have been extremely well received. Teachers have been commenting on how the program will help us with our overall school discipline program, as well as addressing our concerns about campus safety.

Don MerwinPrincipal

I want to thank you for your wonderful program. The videos and instruction manuals are very user friendly. My teachers find these resources a handy classroom reference for lessons. The information covered in these resources compliment our supports for children and learning as well as our Comprehensive Student Support System.

We look forward to our continued partnership in helping students to make good choices, setting goals and supporting one another and each others efforts. Again thank you for your support and the wonderful program.

Patricia M. DangPrincipal

Our school has approximately 2500 students and over 300 faculty and staff. We are now in the second year of the Breaking Out of The World Game program and our trainer team has been most impressed by the relevance of the material. The lessons do not just handle the verbal and behavioral symptoms of bullying. Instead the lessons address the underlying causes, attacking it at the root.

Furthermore, we have many students who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. These students often experience behavioral challenges as they are not fully equipped with the appropriate social and emotional skills to relate with their peers and teachers in a positive way. Using the latest educational methodologies, Breaking Out of The World Game helps students change behavior in a positive way.

Students are now more considerate, more supportive and more empathetic to the feelings and needs of their peers and teachers. As a result our environment is physically, emotionally and socially safer for the students.

We started the program in February. In the final 4 months of school we trained only the senior class. I think the statistics speak for themselves:

Another benefit of the program is that it supports the entire educational community, which includes faculty and staff, in making positive behavioral change.

C. PaynePrincipal

Last week I attended your session in Melbourne and wanted to share a quote I read recently that was totally aligned with your message re our tendency as humans to habitually use negative self talk.

Your brain is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones – even though most of your experiences are probably neutral or positive.
Rick Hanson, Neuropsychologist

It’s a beauty isn’t it?!

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and inspiration AND for reminding us that we really do do amazing things day after day in our job as teachers (even if at times it feels like no one notices or cares!)


As a school counselor, I have been utilizing the 4th and 5th grade curriculum in my weekly counseling groups, as well as in the classroom teaching the general student population. I have used lessons which have touched on friendship, focus, and self-control. I really appreciate the excellent ideas, stories and activities presented within each value. I have gotten positive responses from my students after utilizing lessons in the Quest for Character program.

In addition, I find the content of this program to be an integral part of a student’s education. This program fosters development of the whole child, his intelligence, emotions and social skills, thus promoting a healthier happier child. I’d highly recommend the Quest for Character program to any school and thank you for sharing it with me and giving me the tools to become a more effective school counselor.

Elise RegoSchool Counselor

I have been an instructor using the anti-bullying program “Breaking Out of The World Game” by Trinidad Hunt and Élan Enterprises for three years. Although skeptical at first, I can now attest to the effectiveness of this program personally and professionally. My personal interactions and comments are described below.

First and foremost this program has impacted my personal beliefs and behaviors. Understanding the impact of positive feedback I have made a concentrated effort to ensure that I practice the techniques of positive feedback in my daily interactions with others. At home the impact on my three year old granddaughter can be seen in her cheerful disposition and positive responses to restrictions placed upon her. To make a long story short I just wish I had this training prior to raising my own children.

In the classroom I see students, who are very hungry for a positive feedback, excel because they now believe in themselves. They are more willing to try something different, speak in front of others, and avoid put-downs by referring to the curriculum. Students can easily recognize a bullying episode and take action to prevent it.

I feel this awareness, which was newly acquired through the program, is probably the most beneficial gift each participant receives. The “world game” has been played by generations and it will take generations to resolve it. This program begins by educating this generation of young adults so that they are able to recognize bullying and its impact , allowing them to begin the long journey of overcoming it.

As a retired Army nurse I have personally experienced the outcomes of war and I am committed to this program. I strongly believe in this program and will do everything to ensure that others are educated about the “world game”. Everyone must be able to recognize bullying and its long term effects. It is also my belief that this program should be taught at the 5th and 6th grade level before the negative effects of bullying.

LTC(ret) Antoinette CorreiaDeputy Director of InstructionJunior Reserves Officer Training Corps

I have had the opportunity of working with elementary and intermediate students for the last ten years. One thing I realized is that today’s students cannot be taught in the traditional lecture and rote memorization format. What has worked for me are lessons based on involvement and participation. They respond to visuals and hands-on experiences instead of just listening and recalling. Students must see the relevancy and relationship to their own life and experiences. The program offers me the resources, activities and materials that allow me to teach the methods that I believe work for students.

I strongly recommend this curriculum for all teachers and students. It teaches the fundamental lessons of life and about being a human being. The program provides models and tools to positively deal with issues and problems that young people encounter daily. It helps students to develop positive self-esteem and worth. These lessons, in addition to high expectations and standards, will provide our next generation with the knowledge and understanding of how to be successful and productive members of society. I truly hope that you will enjoy and have as much success as my students and I have had with Trinidad Hunt’s programs.

Link J. LlewellynSpecial Motivation Teacher

We would like to offer our sincere “thank you” to Trinidad Hunt for the extremely informative, educational, as well as inspiring program. Ms. Hunt has a wonderful gift of making the material come alive and helping participants get inspired and excited.

We were given lesson plans, videos and posters. One of the strongest positives of the IQ EQ SQ curriculum is the ease in which it can be implemented. Everything is provided for the teacher such as lessons as well as visual aids.

In reviewing the curriculum we found that the lessons were detailed and easy to implement. We liked the way the posters were integrated into the different sections and coincided with the “words of the day”. The video was also excellent.

Lisa Yahiku-HiromotoAt-Risk Counselor


Élan Enterprises LLC

77-6370 Kaheiau St
Kona, Hawaii 96740

Telephone: 808 239-4431
Toll-Free: 1-800-707-3526
E-FAX 1-808-240-4727

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