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Director of Learning
essay about importance of discipline in student lifeTracey is an extremely experienced facilitator, trainer and teacher who works passionately with people to assist them in translating learning and development experiences into real results.

As a qualified teacher, Tracey worked as an early childhood specialist in both the private and public sectors for several years before transferring to a senior teacher position with a drama academy that offered life skills development programs for both primary and secondary students.

Progressing from education into a corporate role as the Learning and Development Manger for a retail organisation, Tracey focused for over 15 years on the leadership development and training of both corporate and sales teams across Australia and New Zealand.

Subsequent to this, Tracey branched out several years ago to work independently. These years have included learning and development consultation and coaching; and as a FranklinCovey Consultant, numerous facilitation engagements for the delivery of both productivity and leadership programs across a broad range of industries; including education, health, retail, direct sales and mining to name a few.

Traceyʼs passion is working with people to assist them to engage with the real work to be done. She has a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge and believes strongly in continuing professional development. Tracey has accumulated over 17 years as an accredited FranklinCovey facilitator, is a certified E Disc facilitator and is currently undertaking a psychology degree.


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cv writing service for educatorsKasia is an accredited trainer and organisational coach, specialising in communication, performance management, and leadership development.  Kasia has conducted face to face and virtual workshops at global organisations such as Microsoft, The Maersk Group, Toyota, Thomson Reuters,  LiveOps, as well as a various Finance and Banking organizations.  Kasia also delivered a Women’s Empowerment Coaching Program at the Australian Institute of Marine Science.  She believes the ability to coach is the most powerful skill for managers and leaders to develop in order to get the best from their staff.

Prior to coaching, Kasia worked for a large global pharmaceutical company delivering virtual, and face to face training in Asia Pacific, and managed a training team based across Asia.

Having worked on global virtual teams across Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe for over 10 years, Kasia understands the challenges that arise from working globally. Liaising frequently with internal and external stakeholders in Asia, Europe, and North America meant managing and negotiating numerous conflicting interests and priorities of different stakeholders across cultural barriers.

Kasia completed her coaching accreditation with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Sydney and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. She holds a Diploma of Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

Kasia brings a brain friendly approach to her work, so that many insights and learnings come from the participants in her workshops and therefore remain embedded knowledge.  She loves helping people develop their self-awareness and view situations from fresh perspectives.


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critical systems thinking as a way to manage knowledgeWith a double degree in Psychology and Media (Deakin University 2000) Cert IV (Training and Assessment in the Workplace) DiSC Accreditation and a Drama teaching background, Georgia’s combined skill base has led her to successfully pursue training, coaching, facilitating and role play in the corporate environment over the past 15 years. Working with a broad range of client organizations in Australia, NZ, Asia and North America, Georgia approaches her work with passion and energy, focused on helping others develop and grow within their individual learning style.

Georgia is experienced in presenting/training/facilitating Presentations Skills, Negotiation Skills, Facilitation Techniques, Leadership and Change Management, Communication Essentials; including Conflict Resolution, Rapport Building, Listening, coaching and Feedback skills. Georgia sees one of her core strengths as her extensive corporate role-play experience and Personal/Executive Coaching work. Georgia has worked with graduates and Junior Managers through to Senior People Leaders and CEO’s of major organizations, with groups of 12 to 1200. Georgia has been a professional actor for over 15 years, with work in Film, Television, Commercials, Radio and Theatre. Most recent TV credits include Party Tricks, Neighbours, Underbelly and House Husbands.

Economic planning vs environmental conservation, Essay memories of school

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