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architecture graduate school thesisFrom my first experience of working with Trinidad Hunt and Lynne Truair, I felt empowered as a leader.  Trinidad’s engaging mode of presentation and Lynne’s timely words of wisdom and experience provide for an engaging journey of personal and leadership growth.

In the 12 months working with Trinidad and Lynne, I have been challenged to reflect on myself as a leader and a member of a collaborative team.  I have developed, implemented and refined skills and strategies that have served me well as a leader in education.

Patrick BrodrickDeputy PrincipalOur Holy Redeemer School

essay about importance of discipline in student lifeI have been blessed to have had D. Trinidad Hunt and Lynne Truair of Elan Enterprises, LLC with me throughout my career, first as a Supervisor, a Manager, then part of an executive team.
Their leadership training and executive coaching prepared me for my move to a new company as a Vice President where they were once again there for me, to develop me into the kind of executive that values the human enterprise in business. They have helped me become a highly effective and productive leader with a well balanced career and personal life. I gained a genuine appreciation for the insights they brought to me that allows me to look at what I am doing and constantly focus on improving and knowing that learning and self improvement never stops.

They have always stayed in touch and close to me and my heart, I am who I am today because of their influence and I am forever grateful to both of them.

Tricia BuskirkVice PresidentHawaii Community Federal Credit Union

I have had the privilege of attending numerous Professional Development activities with Trinidad Hunt.  The first and most important one was held in Hawaii with two of my principal colleagues.  It was a personal growth and development conference. For me it was a life changing experience. Trinidad spent three days challenging and encouraging us to look beyond who we were to discover who we could become. We were introduced to the gift of meditation.

Many of my staff have attended Trinidad Hunt’s Coaching and Leadership courses.  They have found them to be most helpful and informative.  The processes Trinidad employs to develop staff knowledge and expertise keeps them engaged and motivated.

Louise MackayPrincipalSt. Luke's Wantirna

Trinidad Hunt is an extraordinary speaker and coach who has the ability to connect in a warm and effective manner with her audience. She encourages and supports leaders to recognise their own innate strength and wisdom when they are leading others. She highlights the importance of developing deep connections through the art of listening and conversation. She inspires you to find the very best in yourself and in the people you lead.

Sue CarrPrincipalSt Brendan's Primary School Somerville


Élan Enterprises LLC

77-6370 Kaheiau St
Kona, Hawaii 96740

Telephone: 808 239-4431
Toll-Free: 1-800-707-3526
E-FAX 1-808-240-4727

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