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Instant Rapport for Leadership Success

Rapport is at the heart of healthy personal and professional relationships. Human beings were born to communicate. Yet true communication is an art. In this high energy presentation, you will discover the secrets of the great communicators, men and women who instantly connect with others. What do they do and how do they do it? Invigorate your relationships, diffuse conflict and move your team to action through these easy to use methods of the masters.
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The Power of Aloha in Leadership

In this inspiring keynote, Aloha is described an ancient teaching for a modern time. Corporations are just beginning to discover the role that emotional and social awareness play as a part of the vital skill sets necessary for high order leadership today. Using the latest data and research from neuroscience and the HeartMath™ Institute, participants will discover the powerful effect of leading with Aloha. Participants will take away a set of tools for enhancing rapport and building high performance teams through the power of Aloha.
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The High Performance Leader

In this fast moving presentation, Trinidad highlights the difference between good leaders and great leaders. The distinction, she says, is palpable and depends on one’s emotional and social competencies. Trin demonstrates the leveraging power of relationship to create organizational success. Using the latest neurological and social research, Trin defines the new domain of leadership where influence and inspiration galvanize the team and move them to action.


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