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Course Content:diane arbus identical twins essay
  • Turn your team into a high performance team
  • Utilize the empowerment principle to enhance team effectiveness
  • Do more with less through synergy
  • Use active listening skills to enhance communication
  • Become a more effective communicator
  • Dissolve the silos in your organization
  • Break through limiting patterns and bond the team
  • Increase synergy and team effectiveness
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Course Content:english essay writing global warming
  • Experiential Simulation to engage participants
  • Consensus decision making skills
  • Active listening skills to enhance communication
  • Practice of NLP and framing skills
  • Learning to listen for meaning
  • Discover how to build synergy
  • Team brainstorming for on-the-job application
causes of the mexican war essay
Course Content:
  • Discover how a person’s belief system affects their self-esteem
  • Learn the correlation between self-esteem, productivity, and performance
  • What gets acknowledged, gets repeated
  • Learn how to enhance personal and team respect
  • Improve the teams’ capacity to deal with challenges
  • Build a strong ‘home team advantage’ for bottom line results
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Course Content:
  • Discover your own and other’s social styles
  • Learn how to interact with different styles more effectively
  • Improve all of communication within your leadership team
  • Enhance professional relationships within your department
  • Build on your own strengths and the strengths of others
  • Make all professional interactions more productive
  • Learn to manage tension and stress on the job more effectively
  • Discover how to present ideas to different people
  • Anticipate a person’s reaction in any given situation
  • Improve results by playing to everyone’s strengths


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