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Do opposites attract essay, Courtroom observation essay

In the Life Without Limits program participants dissolve limiting beliefs that have interfered with their experience of full success, satisfaction and self-expression. Using leading edge breakthrough technology, participants learn to vaporize frustrations and clear their life track of old outmoded patterns that no longer serve them. Through individual exercises as well as team discussion and activities, participants reconnect with their own natural source of wisdom and inner knowing. Everyone has gifts and talents and each of us is here to use our talents for the betterment of mankind. We are meant to live our lives without limits and this program will release you to do just that!
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In the Power of Personal Purpose participants first assimilate the lessons of the past, and then move forward to take the next step in their evolutionary development. This is a program of soaring dimensions in which participants trace the thread of their own personal wisdom path to discover the source of wisdom that lies within. Using both ancient and modern technologies, participants are taught how to balance their energies and tap into their inner resources. Through journaling and written exercises as well as discussion and interactive processes, participants begin to discover the action steps that will move them forward on their personal purpose path.

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