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Course Content:diane arbus identical twins essay
  • Perspectives -The power of many points of view
  • Discover people’s communication styles
  • Bridge communication style differences
  • Resolve conflict more easily
  • Use non-verbal techniques to give any message more impact
  • Match communication styles with others to get a communication ‘fit’
  • Communicate work related tasks in the receiver’s style
  • Create instant rapport with anyone through basic NLP techniques
  • Sequential VS Big Picture thinking styles
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Course Content:
  • What is ‘framing’?
  • The power of framing to achieve results
  • Set the proper tone in your e-mail communications
  • Learn the ‘what’s in it for them’ (WIIFT) principle
  • Give people a big enough WHY and they will figure out any HOW!
  • The story frame
  • The metaphor frame
  • Value-added framing
  • Motivate your people to achieve results


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