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Trinidad Hunt is an extraordinary speaker and coach who has the ability to connect in a warm and effective manner with her audience. She encourages and supports leaders to recognise their own innate strength and wisdom when they are leading others. She highlights the importance of developing deep connections through the art of listening and conversation. She inspires you to find the very best in yourself and in the people you lead.

Sue CarrPrincipalSt Brendan's Primary School Somerville

Trinidad took the initiative and caught the moment for the continuous changing demands in the financial industry. Her enthusiasm, zest for life and unique style, made every participant feel that she had scripted her presentation just for them.

Fran BanksChair PersonInstitute of Canadian Bankers

We would like to offer our sincere “thank you” to Trinidad Hunt for the extremely informative, educational, as well as inspiring program. Ms. Hunt has a wonderful gift of making the material come alive and helping participants get inspired and excited.

We were given lesson plans, videos and posters. One of the strongest positives of the IQ EQ SQ curriculum is the ease in which it can be implemented. Everything is provided for the teacher such as lessons as well as visual aids.

In reviewing the curriculum we found that the lessons were detailed and easy to implement. We liked the way the posters were integrated into the different sections and coincided with the “words of the day”. The video was also excellent.

Lisa Yahiku-HiromotoAt-Risk Counselor

We continue to be very pleased with the results of your current training with our customer service managers and supervisors. It’s been 24 months and the skill level and results continue to increase. It is indeed exciting to see the transformation in these people and their on-the-job performance.

The training provided them with a major “shot” of self-esteem plus the tools to achieve results we were seeking in our ‘customer contact’ employees. I know the next phase of the Train the Trainer program will take these employees to even higher levels of sustained performance.

Bill ButtsVice President, Marketing

Trinidad Hunt’s Academy is a gathering place which inspires leadership. It creates an environment for optimal learning, peak performance and great fun! The results are truly remarkable!

Eric SmithManagement Consultant

I have had the opportunity of working with elementary and intermediate students for the last ten years. One thing I realized is that today’s students cannot be taught in the traditional lecture and rote memorization format. What has worked for me are lessons based on involvement and participation. They respond to visuals and hands-on experiences instead of just listening and recalling. Students must see the relevancy and relationship to their own life and experiences. The program offers me the resources, activities and materials that allow me to teach the methods that I believe work for students.

I strongly recommend this curriculum for all teachers and students. It teaches the fundamental lessons of life and about being a human being. The program provides models and tools to positively deal with issues and problems that young people encounter daily. It helps students to develop positive self-esteem and worth. These lessons, in addition to high expectations and standards, will provide our next generation with the knowledge and understanding of how to be successful and productive members of society. I truly hope that you will enjoy and have as much success as my students and I have had with Trinidad Hunt’s programs.

Link J. LlewellynSpecial Motivation Teacher

Trinidad Hunt received on unprecedented standing ovation. The 220 strong audience were responding to what many have described as one of the best speakers at the Board of Trade in years.

She immediately gets the audience on her side. Trinidad is very professional and well prepared and commits herself fully to making her delivery both entertaining and thought provoking. In short, she’s terrific!

Robert J NoonDirectorThe Vancouver Board of Trade

The Academy (Trinidad Hunt’s program) is a living demonstration that the linear ways of thinking are giving way to the new possibilities of the moment and to a greater group dynamic. We are moving into a new state of consciousness and the Academy provides a powerful structure for creating and supporting change.

Sandy SimsPeck Sims Mueller Advertising Agency

I have been an instructor using the anti-bullying program “Breaking Out of The World Game” by Trinidad Hunt and Élan Enterprises for three years. Although skeptical at first, I can now attest to the effectiveness of this program personally and professionally. My personal interactions and comments are described below.

First and foremost this program has impacted my personal beliefs and behaviors. Understanding the impact of positive feedback I have made a concentrated effort to ensure that I practice the techniques of positive feedback in my daily interactions with others. At home the impact on my three year old granddaughter can be seen in her cheerful disposition and positive responses to restrictions placed upon her. To make a long story short I just wish I had this training prior to raising my own children.

In the classroom I see students, who are very hungry for a positive feedback, excel because they now believe in themselves. They are more willing to try something different, speak in front of others, and avoid put-downs by referring to the curriculum. Students can easily recognize a bullying episode and take action to prevent it.

I feel this awareness, which was newly acquired through the program, is probably the most beneficial gift each participant receives. The “world game” has been played by generations and it will take generations to resolve it. This program begins by educating this generation of young adults so that they are able to recognize bullying and its impact , allowing them to begin the long journey of overcoming it.

As a retired Army nurse I have personally experienced the outcomes of war and I am committed to this program. I strongly believe in this program and will do everything to ensure that others are educated about the “world game”. Everyone must be able to recognize bullying and its long term effects. It is also my belief that this program should be taught at the 5th and 6th grade level before the negative effects of bullying.

LTC(ret) Antoinette CorreiaDeputy Director of InstructionJunior Reserves Officer Training Corps

The training has had a profound effect on the way our management team and staff confront organizational issues. Our teams of trained people are now easily able to insightfully meet the challenges of a changing environment. Change is here to stay, and I feel that the Élan training programs have prepared us for dealing with this in an innovative manner.

Sheryl SakumaVice PresidentHawaii Business Equipment
career goal essay criminal justice


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77-6370 Kaheiau St
Kona, Hawaii 96740

Telephone: 808 239-4431
Toll-Free: 1-800-707-3526
E-FAX 1-808-240-4727

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